Who Are We?

SeaquestriaFest was built to keep the magic (bing bong) that the Brony community created in the surrounding area alive and thriving. We aim to create a loving and safe environment for those in our community focused on our community. Our event is a laid-back beach getaway convention with lots to do not just on site but around the area as well.

As we see the beginnings of a new era with My Little Pony: The Next Generation, we still love all the ponies past and present. We just want to see cute ponies, and the people who adore them have a wonderful time together as one family.

SeaquestriaFest 2023 is the second event for SQF.

This years theme is SeaquestriaFest in Wonderland.

What To Expect?

Our small convention is placed at a beautiful venue, so you can expect many things during your weekend:

  • Beautiful Beachfront Views

  • Sand Castle Fun

  • Short Distance  from Board Walks

  • Short Distance from Wild Horse Island

  • Hotel Pool Fun

  • Wonderful Vendors

  • Family Friendly Hotel & Panels (For the Most Part)

  • ADA Friendly Hotel

  • Free Parking

.....and a wonderful time all together!

Want to stay up to date on everything SeaquestriaFest?

We have lots of social media you can keep up with, and even a Discord server if you'd like to chat with fellow-con goers and the staff! Keep up with news about the con, discount announcements, and announcements about applications opening!