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SeaquestriaFest's Code of Conduct


  • SeaQuestriaFest strongly recommends following CDC guidance on staying up to date with any vaccines and boosters, and encourages wearing masks for all attendees in public and convention spaces.

  • That said, proof of vaccination for Covid-19 will not be required to attend SQF 2024. Similarly, masks will not be required, although they are encouraged.

General Rules

  • Don’t do anything that could be a risk to the health and safety of con attendees, staff, or guests. 

  • Treat all attendees, staff, vendors, guests, etc. with professional and respectful behavior. 

  • No Harassment of any kind will be tolerated, whether physical, verbal or otherwise. No exceptions.

  • No tobacco use in or around the convention/venue/boardwalk.

  • No Consumption of Alcohol inside the convention, during panels, vending, etc. (With exception to rooms/panels that permit alcohol.)

  • No outside food allowed in the Convention area.  

  • In order to sell anything on the property or promote any event, you must be authorized to do so, or written down as a vendor. 

  • You are not allowed to: Pass out Flyers, Pass out Business cards, except in designated areas.

  • Do not Fly or post Banners, feather flags, poles.

  • You may not announce, yell, or shout any unauthorized event or brand to the attendees

  • Violators of this rule will be promptly removed from the premises.

  • We follow the laws/rules of Ocean City Maryland, and if you break them you will be removed/banned from attendance. Please refer to

  • Breaking any of these rules can get you removed/banned from the premises.

Cosplay Rules

SeaquestriaFest welcomes all cosplayers! It’s always fun to dress up and show off a cool costume. Just make sure to follow these cosplay guidelines. If you are concerned that you may be in violation of one of the following policies, please visit Operations to have your costume checked by the Cosplay Contest lead. All costumes must conform to the policies below.


– No live steel.


– All costumes must comply with local laws.


– No bare feet.


– No sharp protrusions (i.e. sharp spikes).


– Please keep your costume from obstructing views during panels and events, or bumping into people or things due to size, visibility, or maneuverability.


– No firearms.


– Realistic-looking replica firearms are not allowed, including those marked with an orange tip. Any firearm props must look harmless to the average viewer (essentially, they should not look realistic or threatening).


– All costumes are to be G-rated. Swimsuit areas are to be well covered. No offensive words or symbols. No cosplay that represents any hateful or discriminating organizations (i.e. Nazi, KKK) will be allowed in any convention space. If any of these images or costumes are brought to the convention, the cosplayer will be immediately removed and will be banned from the convention. Cosplay items that are deemed to be vulgar are not permitted.


– No projectiles should be used on hotel property.


– No laser pointers or high-intensity lights that can hurt the eyes.


**Remember cosplay is not consent. Respect personal boundaries. Please always ask people before touching costumes or props and respect if they decline. Most cosplayers are willing to take pictures with you but please ask before taking photos and posting photos. Cosplay is the cosplay creator's art and image.

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