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Meet The Mascots!





This guy is a one of a kind racer! If he isn't on the track you bet he is listening to the latest tune. He is a hippogriff that knows how to party and have a good time. If your having difficulty finding him he is playing video games wherever he can!

Phoenix is our local wild pony from Assateague Island, and she is a total beach bum! She knows everything there is to do around Ocean City,and often can be found planning event and showing where the hottest spots are in the area.

Saltwater Taffy, or Taffy for short, really enjoys art! She is a creative and sweet Hippogriff. Taking her inspiration from decora she wears lots of accessories in her colorful hair, out of all of them though her purple bows are her favorite. She enjoys any kind of food especially sweet and savory.

Want to stay up to date on everything SeaquestriaFest?

We have lots of social media you can keep up with, and even a Discord server if you'd like to chat with fellow-con goers and the staff! Keep up with news about the con, discount announcements, and announcements about applications opening! 

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