Who Are We?

As the show, My Little Pony: Friendship is magic, comes to an end, along with several conventions, the fandom will still stay strong. SeaquestriaFest will be proof of that, as we go full steam ahead to create a loving environment for the Bronies, who continue to love the fandom even after all the content has ended. So join us in Maryland as one of the Brony fandom's newest conventions! Our goal isn't only to keep the Brony Fandom chugging, but to also be a laid back convention. Somewhere where you don't have to rush from each panel to another, and where you can have a fun, laid back weekend on the beach. We also want to be an accepting con of not only Gen4, but of all the bronies for the Generations beforehand. We support all generations of My Little Pony, as long as we get to see cute horses.

What To Expect?

Our small convention is placed at a beautiful venue, so you can expect many things during your weekend:

  • Beautiful Beachfront Views

  • Sand Castle Fun

  • Short Distance  from Board Walks

  • Short Distance from Wild Horse Island

  • Hotel Pool Fun

  • Wonderful Vendors

  • Family Friendly Hotel & Panels (For the Most Part)

  • ADA Friendly Hotel

  • Free Parking

.....and a wonderful time all together!

Want to stay up to date on everything SeaquestriaFest?

We have lots of social media you can keep up with, and even a Discord server if you'd like to chat with fellow-con goers and the staff! Keep up with news about the con, discount announcements, and announcements about applications opening!