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Our Vendors

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1.) Baja Gryphon
2.) Hibiscus Stitch
3.) Moonbeam Designs
4.) Wintre Arts
5.) Befish n' Fluffle Stuff
6.) My Little Ties
7.) Sky Railroad
8.) Gobiraptor
9.) VOID
10.) Ravens Ornaments
11.) Chibi Changeling
12.) The New Gray Mare
13.)Waffle Wishes
14.) Koa
15.) Musicians Merch Table

Baja Gryphon
We are Baja & KaijuRiot providing merchandise made for the fandom with love, providing mainly MLP merchandise such as our Signature series of prints, Hard & Soft Enamel pins, Consent badges, Charms, Handfans,
A personal meet n greet w/Baja and more to explore during this trip through wonderland!


Hibiscus Stitch
Professionally designed and lovingly handmade plushies


Moonbeam Designs
Moonbeam Designs has a variety of items available including stickers, buttons, bookmarks, and prints.
Looking for something more unique? Try out a custom badge or a commission!


Wintre Arts
We sell art sorts of pony and furry themed merch from dakis, blankets, wall scrolls, lanyards, scarves, clothes, and so much more featuring a variety of fandom artists!
@stephenwintre on Twitter


Befish n' Fluffle Stuff
Do you like cute ponies in socks? Or maybe pink fluffy unicorns that dance on rainbows?
Then come down to our table! This is the table of both the creator of Fluffle Puff, and the artist BefishProductions! We have badges, buttons, stickers, charms, and much much more!


My Little Ties
My Little Pony inspired ties, bow-ties, lapel pins, flasks, coasters, necklaces, steel and silver jewelry, coins,
wax seal stamps, mugs, compasses, k
eychains and more!


Sky Railroad
A little bit of everything, with a constantly changing selection. We'll always have a train running around,
and old fav's like Prance and the Cocktail Books.


I sell a little bit of everything, from enamel pins to blankets, wall scrolls to stickers and more!
All featuring my own artwork.


We have original shirts, hats, charms, and dakis!
@limeythecheetah on Twitter


Ravens Ornaments
Illustrated Swimwear, Accessories and Decor

@ravensornaments on twitter

Chibi Changling
Come get your custom commissions! Chibi changeling loves to draw cute and spooky things!!!
Ponies, furries, d&d ocs ....maybe even humans?!
@chibichangeling on Twitter


The New Gray Mare
Looking for breathtaking custom ponies?
How about a bottled Parasprite to unleash upon your obnoxious roommates?
Then look no further than The New Gray Mare!
We also carry a
wide array of vintage My Little Ponies that have been fully restored and just about anything Pony that Hasbro has produced.


Waffles Wishes
Everything soft, but with Ponies!
@WishesWaffle on Twitter


Koa specializes in brightly expressive artwork, brimming with charisma and naturally, a big dose of cuuuuute. Stop by for stickers, prints, charms, kandi, and maybe a CD!



"But are you guys still accepting Applications for the Vendor Hall?"
Unfortunately we are not, keep your eyes open for 2024 vendor applications opening up after the 2023 event.

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