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Our Vendors


1.) Hibiscus Stitch
2.) Ravens Ornaments
3 & 4.) Butterfly’s House of Curiosities
5.) Gobiraptor
6.) Koa
8.) Sky Railroad
9.) Sky Railroad & My Little Ties
10.) My Little Ties
11.)Musicians Island
12.) Chibi Changling Creations
13.)Allegrenix Arts
14.) Kitty Sapphire Studios
15.) The New Gray Mare
16.) Fiaura The Tank Girl
17.) Samoht Lion Creations

Hibiscus Stitch

Hibiscus Stitch has been sewing since 2005 and has been with the fandom since the start. She makes professionally designed and lovingly hand crafted plushies as well as con vlogs and TikTok making of plush videos that have garnered quite the following. She hopes to encourage more people to do art and especially sewing, fully believing that anyone can sew!


Ravens Ornaments

Ravens Ornaments makes illustrated jewelry, swimwear, and every day accessories.

@ravensornaments on twitter

Butterfly's House of Curiosities

Oddities, collectibles, toys, books, buttons, T-shirts, etc. Trades also accepted


A little bit of everything, from dakis to enamel pins, blankets to wallscrolls and more!
All featuring artwork by yours truly!


Cutesy? Chaotic? Edgy? Koa has you covered! Stop by the booth for all manner of colorful, expressive pony prints, stickers, charms, and even music!


We have original shirts, hats, charms, and dakis!

@limeythecheetah on twitter

Sky Railroad
Pony table with a train, games, spoices and anything else I feel like making at the time. No featuring interactive elements -space dependent-


My Little Ties
I play with lasers and make ties! From metal drinkware and fine jewelry to ties and bow-ties! I have ties, mugs, shot-glasses, wallets, keychains, bracelets, dice tins, badges - acrylic and LED light up, pendants, microfiber cloths, coins, pocket watches, keyboard keycaps, lighters, pins, ninja headbands, sun catchers and more!



Get your musician merch here!


Chibi Changling
Swing by chibi changing creations for custom art drawn at the con! Badges, chibis and more! We also sell stickers, Keychains , adoptables and other fun trinkets!


Allegrenix Arts
Up and coming break out artist on the scene selling art prints of amazing ponies in wondrous landscapes

Kitty Sapphire Studios
Hey my fellow bro. I'm Kitty Sapphire. I'm a professional illustrator and comic book artist. I can make your vision come to life through commissions, fanart, custom work and much more. I have artwork for all ages and from your favorite generation of ponies, anthro character and more genres over. So why don't you guys come over and say hello. <3


The New Gray Mare
Looking for breathtaking custom ponies? How about a bottled Parasprite to unleash upon your obnoxious roommates? Then look no further than The New Gray Mare! We also carry a wide array of vintage My Little Ponies that have been fully restored and just about anything Pony that Hasbro has produced.

Fiaura The Tank Girl
Fiaura is here with all your Fallout Equestria needs. Do you need Bottles? Glassware? Books? Prints? Pins? Scarves perhaps? Well if it is from the Wasteland, Fiaura has it! On top of that, she is bringing a whole line of 3D prints and quite possibly will have live painting and 3D printing available to anyone who asks.


Samoht Lion Creations
Samoht Lion Creations is a specialized art vendor that stands out for its innovative approach to creating unique artworks. The primary medium they employ is layered paper craft, which allows them to achieve captivating 3D effects in their creations. This distinctive technique adds depth and dimension to their pieces, making them truly eye-catching and impressive.

One of their notable offerings is shadowboxes, which are intricately crafted scenes enclosed within a frame. The layering technique lends these shadowboxes a remarkable sense of depth, making the scenes come to life in a captivating manner. These shadowboxes serve as both decorative pieces and conversation starters, as they manage to capture the viewer's attention with their intricate detailing.


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"But are you guys still accepting Applications for the Vendor Hall?"
Unfortunately we are not, keep your eyes open for 2024 vendor applications opening up after the 2023 event.

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