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Musician Line-Up



Hello there everybody, I'm AchieveHunter1 and I'm happy to be here with all of you! I'm just a regular man loves doing different things in life. I'm originally known for Video Vlogs for Conventions going to different places wherever I go. I also like to DJ perform for everyone at different Cons I go to, mostly Renegade Stage! I'm looking forward to having some fun with all of you at any Convention I go to. Let's Do This!


AWal hails from the not too far away polar vortex, bringing a sound that is both fast and energetic. Be sure to bring your kandi and glowsticks because his show is definitely not one to miss.



Living in Maryland, BlueIntellect returns to SeaquestriaFest with loud, bassy Dubstep for people to headbang to.


Cyril the Wolf

Old songs for old horses, Cyril the Wolf is a primarily rock/metal composer/performer who draws inspiration from games and animation. Over the top instrumentation and vocals are ever present. He's been recording music since 2005 and joined pony fandom in early 2011. His first original song for the fandom was in August 2011 called "Millennium Alone" about Princess Luna. Since then He's performed at over 20 conventions on his own and as an instrumentalist for Daniel Ingram and The Crebers. He's written 6 albums worth of original music and 1 covers album between 2012 and 2019.



Bring your party on to this vibin' music set by Evershade. Expect to be grooving to the electronic dance and pop tracks, as well as other shenanigans, that they have planned for you. Experience some familiar and even some new tunes that will get you on your feet... er... hooves!



FORSAKE is a Music Producer and DJ based out of Columbus, Ohio. He has been up and coming in the Brony and Furry fandoms, with music releases on Ponies At Dawn and live performances at various cons across the country and Internet. Get ready to jump, and go on an emotional rollercoaster with this performance of bangin EDM tunes and emotional dance anthems.


Since his debut in the brony fandom in 2020, Khaliber has been on a warpath with multiple appearances on several compilation albums such as Ponies at Dawn and A State of Sugar. Alongside tons of well-received live shows and collaborations with fandom mainstays like Silva Hound, NLS, MC-Arch, TCB and Odyssey Eurobeat. Whether you like aggressive music, melodic music or anything in between, Khaliber's supercharged DJ sets will leave you stunned! Get ready for an experience like no other!



Electropop extraordinaire Koa always aims to put on a show exploding with color and charisma. Her vocal and production contributions to a plethora of projects in an ever-broadening array of styles have earned her the title of "collab queen" within the fandom. Get ready for a variety of tunes that'll get those hooves groovin' - and maybe just a touch of chaos.


Luck Rock

Luck Rock has been making pony punk music since 2015 and is an active member of the fandom music scene! You can always count on him to bring the fun and fast energy in his music, as well as some new and unexpected surprises!



Melody is a 19 Year Old multi-instrumentalist musician based in southeast Michigan. Melody specializes in rock and metal but also does softer genres as well. With a track record of many performances spanning from all over the US to even Germany, he has a sound for all audiences. Original album "FIN" available now.



rawrity is an indie pony musician from the midwest. using pony chops and live instrumentation, rawrity is 100% unapologetic pony music for the indie pop fan.



SpinScissor is a young electronic music producer, best known for his experimental sound and his soft, breathy vocal performances. Be ready for some hard-hitting electronic bops and a good time!



Thrack is a sea shanty, acoustic, and rock artist based out of southern Michigan, here to spread good vibes through acoustic sounds and harmonies!

"But are you guys still accepting Applications for this line up?"
No, we are not, but thank you for the interest! We have a full lineup as is. 

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