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Guests of Honor



Sure to bring the tides of fun with her, award-winning actress on screen & stage Elley-Ray. With over 40 years of experience always brings her unique form of Magic where ever she goes.

You know and love her as Mistmane in "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" and as Grandma Figgy in
5th Generation of My Little Pony.

She has been in over 300 theatrical productions, hundreds of shows, written two books,& voiced characters from My Little Pony, Cyberchase, Arthur, Hotel Transylvania and more!

Making sure that her beautiful talents are shared with the world we are certain she will always have something left up her sleeves to amaze us!


Brian Doe Chua

Whether it be diving deep into the refreshing waters of Animation and Video Games, or sailing the seas of Commercials and Narration Voice Over, Brian Doe Chua is a guiding light to get your voice projects safely to shore. Beginning his career as “Brian Doe”, he decided to make an addition to his last name to honor the Chinese side of his heritage. In adopting his mother’s maiden name as part of his professional identity, he is embracing another side of himself.

Having worked as a voice actor for over a decade, Brian has had the privilege to be part of a wide variety of projects. Brian is perhaps best-known for lending his voice to the characters of Timber Spruce in the My Little Pony: Equestria Girls universe, Osamu Mikumo on World Trigger, Gabe Brunai and Katana Sakaki on Beyblade Burst, and many more. Not one to only be confined to the microphone, Brian has also been developing a portfolio of live action work that includes the FOX TV series Wayward Pines, and the CW Network’s Supergirl to go along with various independent film projects that can be seen at film festivals around the world.

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