Community Guests


Fiaura The Tank Girl does scientific analysis of fandoms from 40K to My Little Pony. No fandom is beyond the look of the eye of science! In addition this, she is the writer and author of Fallout: Equestria Dead Tree and the Actress for Queen Quake of Babscon. Come see the insanity she has brought together or what science can wrought for Merchandise pieces from Glassware and Tins to Metallic Prints and Bottlecaps!


Keeping Friendship Magic is a joint operation of Forward Progress and NovaRose and dives deeper into the ponies and pop culture franchises we know and love so well! They not only run the Keeping Friendship Magic podcast, but also present a wide array of content that ranges from the educational to the hilarious. From late night talk shows to character analysis panels, if you like your horses with a side of social science and humor, then look no further than Keeping Friendship Magic!


Baja Gryphon (They/Them) Professional Illustrator & Entertainer & OFFICIAL Mountain Dew Baja Blast ™ Super-Fan Baja’s been producing Illustrations for clients full time since 2019, while also producing illustrations for Pop Culture / Fandom Conventions all over the world (BronyCon, Everfree Northwest, TrotCon, Vanhoover Pony Expo, Ponyville Ciderfest, UK PonyCon, SeaquestriaFest + more!) and a Vendor & Panelist (8 years of experience). While Illustration is Baja’s main profession, they’ve done Voice Over, Prop Design & Background Painting for animation and audiobook productions. In their free time they are streaming as a V-Tuber on Twitch, drinking Mountain Dew Baja Blast ™ , Roller Skating, and Arcades!


"Are you guys still looking for more community guests?"
Unfortunately, we are not, keep your eyes open for 2023 community guest applications opening up after the 2022 event.