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Community Guests


Amber Evergreen

Amber Evergreen (aka. Cowgirl27733) is a content creator known for her live streams on Twitch & her MLP community presence. She started in the fandom in late 2015 and has taken to Twitch with her desire for Video Production & entertaining others. At conventions, you can find Amber hosting panels and supporting other panelists, guests, and artists. Given her extroverted energy, Amber hopes to make her mark in the fandom and encourages others to find that spark to ignite their passion.



Balto Racing is a long time member of the brony community, known for running a local pony group, the winningest buckball player to date, mirroring ponies & the biggest Braeburn fan imaginable!



It's everyone favorite neighborhood changeling! Chibi Changeling is a certified weirdo and self taught artist. They love to draw ponies,furry, and everything horror! They are a crazy cat parent! Married to horse famous Baltoracing.

Britt | Moonbeam Designs

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Amusement fun technician and dragon sculptor.


Crackle's Cousin Cosplay

Championship Cosplay Team, Con Mascots, & Event Organizers



Fiaura is a writer for Fallout: Equestria in her case the Dead Tree Series as well as a fandom scientist. She works to create panels to figure out how things work in the real world, even if they are over the top cartoonish. Now she has expanded outward, to write her own series in the stars, come check out a place she calls: "here, There Be Dragons.



Foaly has been a fan of candy-colored magical horses since early 2011, but is horrified to realize that those thirteen+ years have somehow passed in the blink of an eye. In that time, they've presented on the links between Friendship is Magic and Greek mythology at academic conferences and fan cons around the world, moderated panels with many of the franchise Powers That Be, co-hosted and helped organize numerous charity auctions, and generally run around a lot in a perpetual unspecified but befuddled rush. Online, they've participated in a variety of livestreams, podcasts, and shows, actively helped shape the fan community on Twitter, and tracked the fandom’s charity and convention endeavors across a range of overly-complicated spreadsheets. Foaly continues to enjoy tea and Jaffa cakes, and still finds it odd to describe themself in the third person.


Forward Progress

Celebrating 10 years since his first pony convention, Forward Progress is the founder of the Keeping Friendship Magic (KFM) project. Forward's content fuses fandom and pop culture with real world social science to inspire a more united tomorrow. In addition to his work in the pony fandom, Forward's work also delves into the worlds of video games, Saturday Morning Cartoons, comics, and so much more!


Fritz "Harmonight" Rolle

From die-hard fan to full-on content creator, the "Athletic Brony", Fritz Rolle, has been in the world of My Little Pony in more ways than one. He entertains his peers on YouTube with his reviews and reactions to MLP and other animated works. These include Hazbin Hotel, Helluva Boss, and She-Ra: The Princesses of Power, to name a few. In addition, he provides his helping hand as a voice actor to content creators like ObabScribbler, FaolanCortez, and Grim Narrator. So much so it earned him the role of Pitcher in Friendship is Tragic 2: A Tale of Two Princesses. However, pony is not the only thing Fritz does in life. Whether it is swinging golf clubs in Florida’s daylight or singing out in Luna’s moonlight (like his OC Harmonight), there is more to him than meets the eye. There is only one question that remains. What more is there for the one Harmonight?



Hibiscus Stitch has been sewing since 2005 and vending at con’s since 2015. She makes professionally designed and lovingly hand crafted plushies as well as con vlogs and making of plush short videos. She hopes to encourage and support others in the fandom!


Nova Rose

A self-described 'simple artist and occasional streamer,' Nova Rose has been a featured presenter on the convention scene since 2017. A frequent contributor to the Keeping Friendship Magic project, she brings her own special brand of love and chaos to whatever project she touches.

Britt | Moonbeam Designs

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"Are you guys still looking for more Community Guests?"
Unfortunately, we are not! Keep your eyes open for 2024 Community Guest Applications opening up after the 2023 Event.

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