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Community Guests

Brink | Moonbeam Designs

Known for their love of Cats(2019) and art for many of the cons they work for, Brink is a kind hearted individual.
Brink has many years of activism, in their local, national and world community. Creating many artistic pieces to spread the word on Trans Rights among others. 

Fluffle Puff

Fluffle Puff has been active in the community since 2011, creating flash animations with notable characters such as a certain pink fluffy pony and Dan Vs the World. Creating laughter and showing love in his animations between his different series ranging from Fluffle Puff Tales to his latest creations in Floof n Friends.


Baja Gryphon

Professional Illustrator & Entertainer & OFFICIAL Mountain Dew Baja Blast ™ Super-Fan Baja’s been producing Illustrations for clients full time since 2019, while also producing illustrations for Pop Culture / Fandom Conventions all over the world (BronyCon, Everfree Northwest, TrotCon, Vanhoover Pony Expo, Ponyville Ciderfest, UK PonyCon, SeaquestriaFest + more!) and a Vendor & Panelist (8 years of experience). While Illustration is Baja’s main profession, they’ve done Voice Over, Prop Design & Background Painting for animation and audiobook productions. In their free time they are streaming as a V-Tuber on Twitch, drinking Mountain Dew Baja Blast ™ , Roller Skating, and Arcades!

Britt | Moonbeam Designs

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Hibiscus Stitch

Having been making plushies by hand since 2004, you have likely already seen some of the amazing crafts from Hibiscus Stitch. A talented creator who has been letting people adopt her Ponies, Pokémon, and many other creations. She even started a Tiktok account as well as a con vlog Youtube account which have gained thousands upon thousands of views just to look at her stitch work.


Nova Rose

Nova Rose has been active in the community for a very long time, participating in panels ranging from goofy and nonsensical to Serious and logical.
She knows how to have a great time with impressions and comedy or whatever the situation calls for


Crackles Cousin Cosplay

Crackle's Cousin Cosplay is a master level award winning cosplay team. They aspire to inspire through their next level cosplays and by bringing show characters and experiences to life. You may also recognize them as various convention mascots. They have all new Wonderland cosplay experiences just for SeaquestriaFest and hope to celebrate every pony's very merry unbirthday with you!

Britt | Moonbeam Designs

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"Are you guys still looking for more Community Guests?"
Unfortunately, we are not! Keep your eyes open for 2024 Community Guest Applications opening up after the 2023 Event.

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